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Introduction to Statistics

— software and books

Introduction to Statistics is a suite of products giving a friendly, clear introduction to basic ideas and methods in statistics.

Its core is a multimedia teaching program with cartoon graphics, sound effects and voice commentary. It is highly interactive with frequent checks that ideas have been understood and is linked with three books which can be used alone or integrated with the relevant sections of the program as e-books. All versions of the program require Microsoft Windows.   Some versions can be downloaded here.

Here are some screenshots (click More Images to see others):

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Program Key Features

  • Optional voice commentary with additional explanations
  • Teaching sections are followed by interactive test questions
  • Individual student progress logs
  • Glossary of all technical terms in the text can be consulted here or while viewing the program
  • Index to jump directly to any topic
  • Bookmarking facility to return to any screen
  • Tutors can create a Study Plan for their students
  • Cross referenced to the author's textbooks
  • Forward and backward progress is under user control
  • Multiple methods of navigation through the program
  • Optional demonstration of how to use the program



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