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Validate a licence

This page is not relevant to the network (multi-user) version of Introduction to Statistics, whose licence is validated when issued so program installation is a one-stage process. Registering computers, tutors and students to the installation is carried out by the network manager at installation time or later. Documentation on doing this can be downloaded from the Download software page.

Single-user programs are registered to a particular computer and will not run on a different one. To achieve this, installation is a two-stage process. First you install the program. When it runs, it displays a 20-character code that identifies the computer.

This code must be sent to StatBasics to allow a validation code for your computer to be generated. When a prepaid licence code is used for the first time, the 20-character code can either be sent by e-mail to or be entered in the form that appears when you click the upper button in the form below.

If your computer is connected to the internet, much the best way is to copy and paste the code that the program generates so as to avoid typing errors.

If your program was supplied on CD, it normally comes with a licence code of 12 characters which can be validated once without charge. You can use a CD to install a program on more than one computer but each computer after the first requires a validation fee.

If your licence code has been validated previously, or if you have downloaded your program from the internet, you need to pay a validation fee by clicking the lower button on the form to return your code.

Your validation code is normally returned by e-mail within 24 hours but occasionally can take longer.


  Click here if your code qualifies for free validation.

If your installation code was public or was previously validated, enter your 20-character code below and click the Pay Now button.

Your 20-character code
The validation fee of £6.00 (6 UK Pounds) can be paid in any currency.