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The material in the program is conveyed in a different way in three textbooks. These are new editions of three earlier books by the author originally published in A4 format by BPS Books and now out of print. The new editions are 9-inch by 6-inch paperbacks costing £8.50 each but they can also be downloaded here as e-books integrated with the corresponding section of Introduction to Statistics. The combined program and e-book cost only £6 each, or £15 for the set of three.

Together, the three books give a basic introduction to data collection, summarizing, description, statistical testing and interpretation. Because they combine a cheerful, friendly style with a strong concern for the theoretical basis of data interpretation, they are suitable for students at many different stages, from beginners at GCSE to revision by University Postgraduates.

Each book is enlivened with cartoons illustrating its topics and contains inset boxes with 'key aims', 'self-assessment questions', suggestions of 'something to try' and condensed chapter summaries.

Each book is described in detail in the pages that follow.


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