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Download Programs

The programs that include e-books can be downloaded by clicking a link below.

It is not necessary to buy a licence in advance. You can just download a program, use its built-in installation code, try out its demonstration and later pay a fee to activate it on the Validate licence page. (Advance licences are mainly for the teaching institutions who get them for all their students.)

Research Methods
Descriptive Statistics
Inferential Statistics


Choose Open or Run if you are asked and the program will begin installing. The installer lets you supply a licence code but there is also a built-in licence code that can be used. If you use the built-in code, you need to pay when validating your installation. If you use a previously unused code, validation is free.

After it is installed, the program will at first allow you to run only its Demo (demonstration), but it is a very good idea to do this. If your computer is unsuitable for running the main program, the Demo will not run either so you can discover this without cost. Also, the Demo explains lots of features of the program and shows how to use it effectively. It also gives you a fair idea of the style of the program itself.

Before you can actually Log in (to use the main program or read the e-book) it is necessary to get a Validation code. Until a validation code has been entered, the program's icon brings up a window with a 20-character code that identifies your computer. You need to enter this code on the Validate a licence page of this site and a validation code will be returned by e-mail (usually within 24 hours, though occasionally it may take longer.)

If you install with a licence code that has not previously been used, validation is free. If you use a code that has already been validated - or if you use the built-in code - there is a charge, which you can pay while returning the 20 characters, as explained on the Validate a licence page.


Only the programs listed above are available by download. The others are all supplied on CD, as described on the Order products page. (Though it is possible to arrange downloads by an institutional customer.)


Download Documentation

To read the documentation, you require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

User Guide

Although there are minor differences, a single user guide is sufficient for all versions of the program.

This has four pages. To get the best layout (especially if printing double-sided) your printer needs to be set to Print as image, which is usually accessed as one of the Advanced options in the Print dialogue.

User Guide


Network version documentation

These documents are formatted to be printed double-sided as multi-page booklets. If printing double-sided, your printer should be set to Print as image, which is usually accessed as one of the Advanced options in the Print dialogue. If double-sided printing is inconvenient it is best to guillotine each printed sheet into two pages and assemble these in page order.

Tutor Guide

Needed by tutors using the network version

Installation Guide

Needed by system managers using the network version