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Download or register DiffTest

From this page you can download a fully-working, permanent copy of DiffTest which can be used indefinitely without charge.  It is limited in only two ways:

  • After about five minutes use it has to be restarted.
  • It cannot print out its results.

These limitations do not apply to DiffTest Pro. You can register DiffTest to convert it to DiffTest Pro at any time.

DiffTest should run on any computer with a 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating system but has not been tested under all the possible configurations.

Download and Installation

If you have already registered an earlier release, do not uninstall or delete it.  The download will overwrite the old files and when installed will operate immediately as DiffTest Pro.  If you have uninstalled DiffTest Pro, your previous registration code can be used again.  If you have uninstalled it and have lost your original code you can repeat the registration process without charge.

Version 2.10 of DiffTest (convertible to DiffTest Pro) can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

Difftest 2.10

If you choose to Run the downloaded file, it will install Difftest on your computer, offering you various options about how this should be done. If you chose to Save it or Save as, you can keep the installer to run later on this or other computers.

If you meet problems, you can get help from


If you chose to Save rather than Run the installation file, now run it. It conducts an installation dialogue allowing you to select various options for your installation.

Once this has been done, the installation file is no longer needed and can safely be deleted but you may save it for future use or to pass on to colleagues.

If you have registered an earlier release of DiffTest on your machine and have not uninstalled it, the new one will function as DiffTest Pro without further action.


Getting DiffTest Pro

DiffTest can be used indefinitely without charge but if you use it a lot you will find DiffTest Pro much more convenient. DiffTest Pro starts immediately and runs for as long as you wish. It also allows you to print out your results.

Whenever DiffTest starts, it invites you to convert it into DiffTest Pro, using a registration key made up of letters and digits.

If you have no key, DiffTest displays a line of 12 letters and digits. (Spaces are optional.)  Send that by e-mail to and, if you have already paid the appropriate licence fee, you will be sent a registration key.  When it is entered,  DiffTest Pro is generated at once.

If you have not yet paid the licence fee you can do so in the form below and optionally return at the same time the 12-character code generated by your computer.

Upgrades to DiffTest Pro are permanent. They cost 24 GB Pounds, which can be paid in any currency from a PayPal account or by by credit or debit card.

To obtain the upgrade, type in the code displayed by your computer when you run DiffTest and click the Pay Now button. One £24 fee allows you to upgrade two computers (e.g., a desktop and a laptop or computers used at work and at home.


Displayed Code


Organizations with multiple users can order site licences and prices to educational institutions are particularly favourable. Send enquiries to