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Task panel

task panel


The term task is used in DiffTest to refer to the requirements the difference test makes of the assessor. For instance, in a triangle test, the task is to select the one odd item from a set of three samples.  The Task panel describes these requirements and allows different tasks to be specified.

If a number in the windows Select or out of is changed to describe a new task, the probability of being correct by chance alters and the new value is displayed in the Chance p of each correct trial window.

However, it is also possible to adjust the Chance p of each correct trial window directly. When this window is changed by the user, the analysis may not concern a difference test and the data may be any two different outcomes which cannot necessarily be characterized as 'right' or 'wrong'.  Consequently, the following changes occur.

  • The Select and out of windows are replaced by a button labelled Click to restore task description. (If this button is clicked, the Task windows revert to their original state.)
  • The Number correct window becomes labelled Number of A. The Number wrong window becomes labelled Number not A.
  • All other labels refer to the probability of A rather than the probability of correct trials.