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The File menu contains Printing Options, which allow the user to select the font and font size in which results will be printed and the number of tables of results on each page.    In an unregistered copy of DiffTest, Printing Options are disabled.


Print causes all the current input and results to be printed as a formatted table. By default, one table is printed on each page but this can be changed using  Printing Options.    In an unregistered copy of DiffTest, Print is disabled.


Help has self-explanatory sub-menu choices.


What's this? (in the help menu) or the ? in the top right corner of the calculator change the cursor to a question mark. Clicking on any data window of the calculator brings up an explanation of its purpose.


Exit on the File menu or on the right of the main menu bar or the X in the top, right corner of the calculator, are used to end the program.