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What DiffTest does

  • It is a calculator for analyzing sensory difference data.
  • It is a versatile tool when seeking to show that products differ.
  • It is incomparable when seeking to show that products are similar
  • It calculates directional and non-directional statistical significance of results.
  • It calculates confidence bounds around the best estimate of success probability
  • It calculates the Discrimination index corresponding to the best estimate and its confidence bounds
  • It analyses any type of forced-choice difference test.
  • It can analyse any other data consisting of frequencies of two types, such as, right/wrong, agree/disagree, better/worse, male/female, sweeter/less sweet.
  • It can analyse the agreement of data from a sample with what would be expected from any particular population.
  • It uses exact probabilities, not approximations based on statistical distributions.
  • It is a powerful simulation and design tool for planning sensory tests.


How to use DiffTest

To use the calculator, just give any number in bold type (any of the 7 numbers in the top, right corner of the calculator) a new value. All the other numbers that depend on it will change immediately.

To select a window to change, you can

  • Point to it with the mouse and drag over the number (or the part of it that you want to edit)
  • Press the <Tab> key repeatedly to step through all the selectable numbers in turn. Pressing <Shift> and <Tab> together steps in the reverse direction.

After selecting a number, you can type in new digits to replace what you had selected.